Quad bike safety awareness campaign.

Powerful numbers.
The statistics around quad bike accidents and deaths are shocking, in every sense of the word. We took those numbers and, with a bit of stark art direction and simple language, let them speak for themselves.

Unseen victims were given names and ages to personalise the tragedies, reminding the audience that there were real people behind the statistics.

WorkSafe Quad Bikes
WorkSafe Quad Bikes

Real bikes were flipped and rolled for the campaign, then multiplied digitally.

The campaign focused on the three core danger factors for quad bike riders: children driving or riding, lack of helmets and lack of training.

WorkSafe Quad Bikes

The campaign performed well above expectation, with value exceeding the budget substantially. The campaign launched in late December 2019, and by March 2020 the YouTube video view rate was well over 100,700 with over 200,000 impressions.

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