Bag For Good

Countdown was the first national supermarket in New Zealand to announce a move away from single-use plastic carrier bags at checkouts and online shopping.

Old bag, new tricks - Bag for good TM
Proud to be a reusable bag store - Bag for good TM

On average, 6,000 single use plastic carrier bags were being used at every Countdown store, every day. This initiative would take them completely out of circulation. Countdown wanted a campaign to communicate this change to their customers and raise awareness of the alternatives available in store.

The rollout took a phased approach, so a combination of local area marketing and national advertising was used across the multichannel campaign. Red Jelly developed in store POS to communicate the phase out of single-use plastic carrier bags at checkouts, and created a TV commercial and social media content to raise awareness of the Bag for GoodTM initiative, where a customer can return their worn out reusable bag and have it replaced for free, to coincide with the first pilot store launch.

Thank you - Bag for good TM

Thanks to the broad range of communications, our customers were well aware that the initiative was happening, with 79% awareness of the initiative recorded during the pilot store rollout. With the rollout complete, reports indicate that people all over the country are embracing the change. And the best result of all? 350 million plastic bags have been removed from circulation each year.

Three cheers for reusable bags - Bag for good TM
Who's a good bag then - Bag for good TM

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