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Real mates

Young Tasmanian males aged 17 – 25 are six times more at risk of being a serious road casualty than the rest of the population. They don’t listen to authority. They don’t listen to reason. And they claim they don’t pay much attention to advertising.

Real Mates Poster
Real Mates Sticker

The strategy was simple: talk to them through the people they trust most – their mates. The campaign has evolved over a five-year period, as Real Mates 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Real Mates 1 kicked off with a humorous tone, stating that the one thing you don’t let your mate get away with is drink driving. Real Mates 2 developed new scenarios. Real Mates 3 and 4 evolved the idea by providing inspiration on how to stop mates drink driving. Real Mates 5 focuses on the Real Mate as the hero, empowering our target audience to take action.

The results have been overwhelmingly positive and achieved a very high recall of 90% amongst the intended target group. Verbatim responses included: “Just different from a lot of other ads.” “The comedy caught my attention and then hit me with a message.” “I took notice of it more than fear campaigns.”

What we did

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