Ashgrove Farm

Happy kids drink Ashgrove milk

Following on from their successful ‘Happiest cows on the planet’ campaign, Ashgrove wanted to communicate a clear message to the biggest milk drinkers: children.

Cute child concentrating on pouring milk

The best ideas are often the simplest ones – and what’s simpler than showing kids drinking glasses of milk? We set out to authentically convey ‘the joy of fresh milk’ through TV and social media commercials, as well as new product labels.

Ashgrove Amaze Balls
Ashgrove Milk

Featuring children enjoying their Ashgrove milk in various ways – whether they were making messes, blowing bubbles or smiling through milky moustaches – the take-home message was that ‘Happy kids drink Ashgrove milk’.

Kids on camera
Kids behind the scenes being directed
What they said
“I love it. Wouldn’t change a thing.”
Anne Bennett
Ashgrove Marketing, Communications Manager

What we did

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Road Safety Advisory Council
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Screenshot from Anything Can Happen TVC
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Ashgrove - Happiest cows on the planet
Ashgrove Farm
Happiest cows on the planet