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A supermarket distribution centre is a busy and high-risk environment. Employees operate heavy equipment and vehicles, and engage in a lot of physical labour – placing many at constant risk of accident or injury. In early 2017, Countdown identified that the number of accidents was increasing. They had already expressed the need to simplify the rules and communicate a clear and powerful message that would transcend potential language barriers.

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Behind the scenes1
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Red Jelly initially created signage and communications with the message ‘Safe shift, every shift’. But with accidents still prevalent, more needed to be done. Countdown undertook further research and found that while team members understood the message, and were concerned about their colleagues, they were complacent about their own safety – “We may not look after ourselves, but we always look after each other”.

After undertaking further research, we discovered that cutting corners was the crux of the issue. Cutting corners had the potential to affect everyone. Keeping the recognised line “Safe shift, every shift”, our campaign used images of the devastating consequences of cutting corners, featuring real staff from the distribution centre, through a combination of billboards and videos.

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In the month following the campaign’s launch, Countdown recorded a 24% reduction in injuries. Team members had been inspired to not only look after themselves, but also each other.

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What we did

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WorkSafe Safety is everything.
Safety is everything
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