Dan Murphy's

The Cellar

When Dan Murphy opened his first store in 1952, he used the cellar to hold gatherings and age wines. In 2016, Dan Murphy’s returned to this spiritual home. It was our job to transform the space from a dark and dank cellar into a special, one-of-a-kind experience.

Dan Murphy's Cellar Bar
Dan Murphy's Cellar Wall Art

In just a couple of months, we did all the interior and environmental design, including signage, point of sale, furniture, wall treatments, rugs, frames and price tags. We also created an infographic to generate media attention and showed the beauty of the original cellar through a series of artfully shot, commemorative postcards.

Dan Murphy's Cellar Postcard set
Dan Murphy's Cellar Table

Our efforts generated conversations across social media and national press outlets like The Australian and 3AW radio, with an opening reach of over three million people. The store also made over $100,000 in first week sales, with customer sentiment running at a perfect 100%.

Opening reach of three million people.

What they said
“Red Jelly should feel proud, being a major contributor to the brand.”
Martin Smith
General Manager Dan Murphy's

What we did

Dan walking through town
Dan Murphy's
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