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Between the Lines

The Christmas period is statistically the toughest time of the year for people experiencing stress and mental health issues. With this in mind, Woolworths wanted to encourage their team members who needed support to use their free-call Assist line.

Woolworths Between the Lines Christmas Posters

We created posters to run in staff rooms during Christmas 2017 to help people understand that they weren’t alone in finding the holiday season hard, and there was help available. We took common Christmas greeting phrases, decorated them with typical colours and patterns, then inserted the copy ‘Between the Lines’ – revealing a message from someone who’s not as full of Christmas cheer, once you get closer.

Woolworths Between the Lines Christmas Posters
Woolworths Between the Lines Christmas Posters

In 2018, we created another round of non-seasonal posters that delivered the same messages, but for specific stresses. For Christmas 2018, two more Christmas executions were added to the suite.

Woolworths Between the Lines Posters

Woolworths were so pleased with the posters they chose to share them with all of their supplier network prior to Christmas. Lifeline, whose number is included on the poster, reported an uplift of calls following the Woolworths tradeshow, where the posters were displayed on the back of toilet doors.

Between the Lines’ powerful message marked the beginning of Woolworths establishing itself as a community leader in the mental health space, with its subsequent internal campaign, ‘I am here’, being extremely well received by staff.

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