Wherever Summer Takes You

After decades of making hardy working boots, Blundstone boots created a new range of light, summer boots in 2017. These new boots needed to be launched to Blundstone’s distributors in their northern hemisphere markets: Japan, Italy, Canada and the US. Their customers in these countries were used to traditional Blundstones. We needed to convince them that the new range was just as good.

We created the campaign ‘Wherever summer takes you’, which was an extension of the Blundstone positioning of ‘Everywhere life takes me’. Using close-up footage, continuous movement and transition techniques, our hero videos launched the new products in a way that celebrated their look, utility and design.These videos were supported by static imagery and collateral that used lifestyle shots to show the boots in action.Targeted social media posts, competitions and influencer content gave the campaign a further boost.
Initial reactions from international distributors have been hugely positive. Long-term sales and market results are being tracked.