The Good Apple

The Tasmanian drinks manufacturer Juicy Isle wanted to trial a new range of sparkling apple juices. The product was 100% natural, made from organic fruit, and contained no additives.

The category was a mature one, dominated by an established player, Apple Isle, which enjoyed high brand recognition and wide distribution.

The new brand was based on a simple truth: the product is a healthy fizzy drink alternative that contained nothing but the natural goodness of apples. Presented in the Juicy Isle’s distinctive single-serve green glass bottle, ‘The Good Apple’ was launched at the popular Taste of Tasmania, the perfect channel for a live market trial. In addition to ads placed in the festival guide, an animated TVC directed patrons to look for the Good Apple Drink Cart.
The Good Apple’s animated TV commercial was a hit with kids and adults alike, and the Good Apple Drink cart received great attention.
The campaign and single cart generated so much interest that all available stock was sold out before the end of the festival! The entire marketing program was delivered for less than the cost of conducting a comprehensive qualitative research program – a fantastic return on investment.