University of Tasmania – Local Enrolment

University of Tasmania

Tasmanians can do anything

The rate of Tasmanian students enrolling at University of Tasmania was falling by about 1% every year. While the University is the only one in the state, many prospective local students were turned off going to a Tasmanian institution due to cultural cringe and a perception that mainland universities were more highly regarded.

We were tasked with boosting Tasmanian enrolment in semester one 2020 as well as building pride in the brand within the state, targeting both locals considering enrolling in a mainland university, and those not considering university at all.

We reminded Tasmanians that coming from a small place doesn’t mean they can’t do big things – and that being from Tasmania is actually one of their biggest strengths. It was a simple but powerful message, with real stories to back it up.

‘Tasmanians can do anything’ was created to show how the University of Tasmania has been a springboard to exciting careers with real-life success stories from a diverse range of fields. Our inspiring, community-focused campaign that highlighted amazing alumni, from a human rights lawyer working for the UN to an Antarctic research scientist, an artist and a whisky distiller. The campaign ran across print, digital, outdoor and online catch up TV.