Tourism Tasmania – Warmest Winter

Tourism Tasmania

Warmest Winter

Tasmania comes alive during the summer months. But as locals know, it also has plenty to offer in winter. Tourism Tasmania wanted to position the state as the premier Australian winter destination, and for interstate travellers to welcome the prospect of getting cosy in the cold weather.

The Warmest Winter campaign embraced all that the coldest Tasmanian season has to offer. We adopted a non-traditional approach that didn’t employ the use of one tagline, instead crafting a piece of prose that could be used across a series of static images.

The scope of the campaign was enormous. Over 300 pieces of creative were rolled out across a mix of creative were rolled out across a mix of channels including press, digital and OOH advertising. Large-scale digital OOH pieces were impossible to miss in Melbourne and Sydney’s CBDs, while pieces featuring longer copy were prominent in national magazines.

The campaign proved popular, with feedback from the public focusing on the campaign’s effectiveness. One particularly memorable communication came from an English teacher, who got in touch to say:

“I would love to show this advertisement in class as a perfect example of effective advertising… p.s. the ad was so good it made me want to go to Tasmania again!”

Love Autumn in the South

Tourism Tasmania

Love Autumn in the South

In the scorching summer of 2019, Tasmania’s central and southern regions were severely affected by bushfires, devastating local communities and ancient wilderness. Temporary road closures and uncertainty led to a steep drop in local tourism to these areas. Tourism Tasmania, in partnership with Destination Southern Tasmania, wanted to encourage people back to the fire-affected areas of the Central Highlands, the Huon and Far South, and the Derwent Valley, and to reassure them that it was safe to visit again.

We wanted to remind Tasmanians of the experiences they already knew and loved. These were the experiences that made southern Tasmania a magical destination in autumn. We created a print, digital and outdoor campaign to spread the message ‘Love Autumn in the South’, including a one-off booklet insert, full-page ads in The Mercury throughout the autumn months, plus autumn-themed editorials in TasWeekend.

We also built an apple stand with a quintessential Tasmanian roadside honesty box at Hobart Airport to raise money for the Vinnies Bushfire Appeal. The stand proved extremely popular with passengers, with 10 or more bags of apples needed each week, and over $300 in donations collected. We performed significantly above the KPIs set for this campaign, as well as the click-through rates achieved in our previous campaign for Tourism Tasmania. We exceeded our target mobile CTR of 0.55% (achieving 0.64%), travel partners Jetstar’s CTR average of 0.4% (1.1%), and our social CTR target of 1.71% (1.87%). The total clicks to lands KPI was 23,007, and we managed to hit 32,359.

Go Behind the Scenery XI website


Go Behind the Scenery XI website was again the main website for Tourism Tasmania’s major destination marketing campaign for 2018. This year’s strategy necessitated a complete redesign and redevelopment of the website, and the result was a highly engaging, accessible and successful inspiration and planning tool.




People who visit Tassie (and those who live here) are hugely influential when it comes to inspiring other people to put Tassie on their travel bucket lists. By turning these people into active brand advocates, we could increase the reach, exposure and word of mouth recommendations for Tassie.

We created TassieStyle, a campaign that used animation and a quirky character to inspire people to use the #TassieStyle hashtag when posting their distinctly Tasmanian holiday pictures and videos. Videos, posters, merchandise, social media content and a painted dog were all used to get the word out.
TassieStyle was a huge success, exceeding all targets. The local tourism industry fully supported the campaign, and the hashtag was used over 38,000 times on Instagram alone, creating massive amounts of user-generated content that reached thousands of prospective visitors.