Poo. Poke. Post.


Poo. Poke. Post.

Bowel cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in Tasmania. The National Bowel Cancer Screening Program sends screening kits to Tasmanians aged 50-74, but only 40% of Tasmanians are doing the test, and males are the most unrepresented group. We needed to boost this rate by making our audience sit up, take notice and complete their screening kits.

We created a simple, catchy and memorable campaign that explained to our audience what they needed to do. And we brought it to life with another lifesaving organisation – the ‘Sing for Your Life’ community choir. Finally, we launched it during Bowel Cancer Awareness Month.The campaign struck a chord immediately with our audience. Once the campaign went live, we saw an increased number of calls and enquiries from people wanting to receive the kits. Results on return rate of kits are currently being tracked.

“Our team greatly enjoyed working with Red Jelly – they listened to our brief, and delivered a novel concept that has encouraged people to talk about ‘Poo’!”

Gail Ward PSM State Manager, Population Screening and Cancer Prevention