Speeding Shatters Lives

Research found that the consequences of speeding were largely misunderstood. Speeding wasn’t seen as unacceptable driving behavior ­– driving a little over the limit was seen as ok. We needed to shift this attitude by communicating a clear message paired with unforgettable imagery.

We went inside the human body and showed the damage that speeding can do. We smashed limbs and snapped spines. We wrapped a newspaper in an x-ray. We placed the message on highways. And in digital news channels. And we enlisted the help of Tasmania Police and the newspapers.
The community impact was immediate. Tasmania Police reinforced the message through social media, and it was a major topic in the Mercury’s ‘Talking Point’ on several occasions. The brand and tagline featured in multiple articles – both online and in print – as a way to link the campaign message to the topics covered in such articles.

“The human body is fragile and breaks. Speeding is one of the major causes of death and injury on Tasmania’s roads. This campaign is a powerful demonstration of the consequences of speeding.”

Neil Spark Road Safety Advisory Council Marketing Manager