Warmest Winter.

Warm words and cold comforts.
How do you get visitors to the coldest state during the coldest months? We used passionate prose to show how Tassie locals make winter warmer.

We adopted a non-traditional approach that didn’t employ the use of one tagline, instead crafting a piece of prose that could be used across a series of static images.

Tourism Tasmania

The Warmest Winter campaign embraced all that the coldest Tasmanian season has to offer, and invited interstate travellers to get cosy in the cold weather.

Tourism Tasmania

The scope of the campaign was enormous. Over 300 pieces of creative were rolled out across a mix of channels including press, digital and OOH advertising. Large-scale digital OOH pieces were impossible to miss in Melbourne and Sydney’s CBDs, while pieces featuring longer copy were prominent in national magazines.

The campaign proved popular, with positive public feedback – including the following from an English teacher:

“I would love to show this advertisement in class as a perfect example of effective advertising… p.s. the ad was so good it made me want to go to Tasmania again!”

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