Tasmanians can do anything.

Making hometown heroes.
We enrolled some well-earned state pride in our campaign to inspire Tasmanians to consider studying at their home university.

With the rate of Tasmanian students enrolling at University of Tasmania falling by about 1% every year, we made a campaign that shook off the cultural cringe of staying at home and the perception that mainland universities were more highly regarded.

We reminded Tasmanians that coming from a small place doesn’t mean they can’t do big things – and that being from Tasmania is actually one of their biggest strengths. It was a simple but powerful message, with real stories to back it up.

The campaign showed how the University of Tasmania has been a springboard to exciting careers with real-life success stories from a diverse range of fields. Our inspiring, community-focused campaign highlighted amazing alumni from a human rights lawyer working for the UN to an Antarctic research scientist, an artist, and a whisky distiller. The campaign ran across print, digital, outdoor and online catch-up TV.

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