Powering a bright future.

Putting our energy into the state's energy provider.
Many Tasmanians were unaware of what TasNetworks do, which is of course distribute the state's energy, or thought TasNetworks were an energy retailer. We put TasNetworks in a new light, proving they really are powering a bright future for all Tasmanians.

We began putting TasNetworks in a new light, by creating multiple films and subsequent assets that showed Tasmanian lives and futures powering on with the power TasNetworks provides.

Each scene featuring a future powered by TasNetworks could be repurposed as bespoke stories and executions that could target specific audiences.

From TV to social, from big cinematic pieces to bespoke micro stories, the story of TasNetworks powering a bright future truly came into its own.

From stories of powering sustainability to making sure the lights stay on, this campaign has given Tasmanians not only a better understanding who TasNetworks are, but an opportunity to embrace what TasNetworks do.

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