Drawing a line through disrespect.

Department of Education
Drawing a line through disrespect.
With the rate of violent and abusive behaviour on the rise between adults and across school communities, it was time to draw a line through disrespect. Not only were they crossing the line, but in many cases they were breaking the law.

We created a simple campaign that positioned disrespectful behaviour as the common enemy within the school community. We called it out.

We provided simple explanations that demonstrated the point at which actions turn into disrespect, and ultimately cross the line, through simple type and design treatments to bring the line to life.

Each moment in which behaviour crossed the line within our hero film was then used as stand-alone pieces of communication in print, film, social, out of home and beyond.

The campaign has garnered incredible support from school communities across the state, and is continuing to shine a light on a subject well overdue for the attention it’s now getting.

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