Animated Category Rooms.

Distance makes the heart grow interactive.
They say necessity is the mother of all invention. When it came to COVID-19 interrupting the annual Woolworths Summer Trade event, nothing could be truer. So we turned what is usually a 2,000 + person physical event into an entirely gamified virtual platform.

To overcome the physical distance challenges posed by Covid, we designed, developed and delivered a remote event experience that came to be known as the Animated Category Rooms.

Through the use of avatars, users were able to unlock experiences, information, content and more, all the while collecting digital currency that served as a reward system for engagement.

Ever-present digital scoreboards kept track of participation, ensuring healthy competition and deeper engagement across the board.

The platform was embraced by participants wholeheartedly, with both participation and satisfaction rates through the roof. 78,000 product views later, the platform has now become something that, in partnership with Woolworths, we are continuing to build upon and sell on to suppliers.

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