The Last Push to Play On.

Tasmanian AFL Taskforce
Proudly powering Tasmania's last push to play on.
With Tasmania's final push to join the AFL & AFLW, we began uniting the state in order to drive enough support and momentum to position Tasmania as too good an opportunity for the AFL to say no to.

We created The Last Push to Play On – a multi-channelled rallying cry for Tasmanians, from all walks of life to get behind.

Our campaign was designed to unite and inspire Tasmanians, by bringing the collective spirit of the state to life.

Our campaign featured a real-life young football fanatic and her Pop, showing that this push was not just one for the ages, but one for all generations, all Tasmanians.

With access to some of Tasmania’s most famous football faces, we were able to show the support Tasmanian AFL has from both the top-down and the ground-up. From film to social, events to press and PR, The Last Push to Play On gained the kind of momentum and support even we couldn’t have expected.

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