Product of the Huon Valley

The Huon Valley region is a food and nature lovers’ paradise. It has the potential to be one of the great valleys of the world, yet it had been largely under-marketed for many years.

The Huon Valley Council commissioned Red Jelly to create a marketing program that could function in a multi-platform way; as a place of origin campaign for producers, a touring destination for visitors, and to attract regional development. We created a provenance brand that spoke just as much to the residents of the valley as it did their produce. “Product of the Huon Valley” was personal. We created wearable merchandise that was launched at the popular Taste of the Huon Festival. These items became content generators in their own right. We gathered and recruited Huon Ambassadors; producers, chefs and tree-changers who were proud to wear the Huon brand and proclaim themselves to be a product of the Huon Valley. We created and shared multiple stories of the region’s communities and natural assets, including producer/chef profiles and Sunday Drive digital diaries.
This content was lapped up by over 11,500 Facebook and Instagram followers in just three months, and generated commentary and content in national press.