Karma Roads

Increased Hobart traffic congestion is frustrating Hobart drivers. They are not imagining it; Hobart was voted as the third most congested city in Australia in 2016. Tasmania Police responded quickly to the need to inform, educate and encourage drivers to be patient and drive courteously.

We introduced the likable character Constable Karma, who was the antithesis of the usual authority figure. When it comes to keeping calmer on our roads, constable Karma is the voice of reason. Her calm and witty pearls of wisdom will engage and enlighten. The campaign was primarily driven through Facebook, with a series of witty ‘mantras’ and simple road rules that helped make our roads less congested.
The public comments on Facebook posts has been overwhelmingly positive, with many members of the public tagging each other and asking traffic related questions. The Constable Karma bumper stickers have also proved to be a hit!