It’s a great start

The Tasmanian Government’s Department of Education needed to raise the profile of their early childhood services, which are all designed to build happier, healthier lives for young Tasmanians and their parents. Our task was to find a way to communicate the breadth and benefits of these programs in a motivating and informative way.

We simplified the program offerings into one key benefit: providing children with a great start to life. The tagline ‘It’s a great start’ became the overarching brand message and the name of the Early Years web portal featuring a suite of videos we produced to showcase each program and bring the real experiences of teachers, parents and children to life.
The early years ‘It’s a great start’ website was launched in 2017. Feedback is showing that the videos are connecting with families far better than great chunks of text did, and the bright, playful imagery used throughout to highlight the importance of play in early childhood learning has had very positive reviews.