Proudly powering Tasmania's last push to play on.
Tasmanian AFL Taskforce
With Tasmania's final push to join the AFL & AFLW, we began uniting the state in order to drive enough support and momentum to position Tasmania as too good an opportunity for the AFL to say no to.
Putting our energy into the state's energy provider.
Many Tasmanians were unaware of what TasNetworks do, which is of course distribute the state's energy, or thought TasNetworks were an energy retailer. We put TasNetworks in a new light, proving they really are powering a bright future for all Tasmanians.
A quick chat can mean everything.
When someone isn’t themselves, it's often colleagues who first notice. And it’s amazing how much difference a small chat can make. From that simple insight, we helped create an international movement.
Not merry for everyone.
For some of us, Christmas can be the hardest time of the year. We found an eye-catching, unconventional way to deliver that message, and give support to thousands of people struggling with the holidays.
Distance makes the heart grow interactive.
They say necessity is the mother of all invention. When it came to COVID-19 interrupting the annual Woolworths Summer Trade event, nothing could be truer. So we turned what is usually a 2,000 + person physical event into an entirely gamified virtual platform.