During the summer holiday period, there are more drivers on the road than at any other time of year — and many of them are on their way to or from festivities.

To prevent accidents at this busy time of year, Tasmania Police increase their presence on the roads. Our challenge was to inform the driving public of this increased presence, and to convince them that it was a compelling reason to drive safely. Rather than using authoritative, finger-wagging messages that told drivers what to do, we created an infectious, unforgettable earworm of a campaign that simply informed Tasmanians that the police would be out in force. We did it by rewriting the lyrics to ‘I’ve Been Everywhere’ to incorporate Tasmanian place names, and setting this song against footage of police conducting their work all over the state. Press and online ads used the same imagery and messaging to support the TVC. By showing rather than telling—in a memorable, convincing way—we helped Tasmanians decide to drive safely in a way that was more effective than ever before.
There were no fatalities on Tasmanian roads over the 2017/18 Christmas period, when the campaign went live.