Don’t be a Goose

Inattention or distraction is a contributing factor in Tasmanian road accidents, and mobile phones are one of the biggest sources of distraction. We had to convince Tassie drivers to put their phones down when they’re behind the wheel.

Rather than create a campaign that simply told drivers what to do, we opted to educate them through entertainment – with a bit of help from our favourite migratory waterfowl. By using real footage, animation and a bit of humour (along with some help from internationally acclaimed comedian, Sam Simmons), we created the ‘Don’t Be A Goose’ campaign. It ran across TV, print, outdoor and online.
Research conducted in 2017 showed that nearly 40% of respondents said the campaign had changed their attitude to driving with distractions, with 10% reporting a significant change. Our goose is still proving to be a hit with audiences as the campaign rolls on into 2018.