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People who visit Tassie (and those who live here) are hugely influential when it comes to inspiring other people to put Tassie on their travel bucket lists. By turning these people into active brand advocates, we could increase the reach, exposure and word of mouth recommendations for Tassie.

We created TassieStyle, a campaign that used animation and a quirky character to inspire people to use the #TassieStyle hashtag when posting their distinctly Tasmanian holiday pictures and videos. Videos, posters, merchandise, social media content and a painted dog were all used to get the word out.

TassieStyle promotional poster
Iris loves Tasmania

TassieStyle was a huge success, exceeding all targets. The local tourism industry fully supported the campaign, and the hashtag was used over 38,000 times on Instagram alone, creating massive amounts of user-generated content that reached thousands of prospective visitors.

TassieStyle Instagram mockup
TassieStyle Floor sticker with text: Welcome to selfie season

What we did

Steam train on West Coast Wilderness Railway
West Coast Wilderness Railway
History that moves you
Go Behind the Scenery XI website
Tourism Tasmania
Go Behind the Scenery XI website
Lark Distillery - Forty Spotted Rare Tasmanian Gin
Lark Distillery
Forty Spotted Gin
Federal Group - MACq 01 Hotel
Federal Group
MACq 01 Hotel