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Forty Spotted Gin

The Lark Distillery is synonymous with Tasmanian single malt whisky. Lark’s Godfather Gin was uniquely Tasmanian and well appreciated by gin connoisseurs. However, most people equated Lark with whisky and viewed Godfather Gin as a sideline product.

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We retired Lark’s Godfather Gin and replaced it with Forty Spotted Gin — named after one of Tasmania’s rarest creatures, the exquisite Forty-spotted pardalote. Found only in Tasmania, it became the perfect symbol for this rare and unique product.

Creating the Forty Spotted Gin brand—complete with its own brand “story”—has thrust this unique product directly into the thirsty gaze of the fast-growing national gin market.

Forty Spotted Product Shot

Forty Spotted is now a living, breathing brand in its own right, and somewhat of a rock star in appreciative gin circles. The brand repositioning has achieved recognition at the World Gin Awards (World's Best Design), Australian Graphic Designers Awards and Australian Marketing Institute Awards.

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