Red Jelly’s Brand Reno

The Modules

The Modules

1. Your WHY

Re-working your WHY – how your business purpose should change to suit the post-COVID landscape:

  • we pull a rake through key facets of your operations and how they may need to change focus – operations, communications, stakeholder relations and HR
  • includes market research into particular industry overlaid into workshop
  • clarifying top-tier messaging.

2. Your messaging tiers

  • Refreshing internal and external messaging to make your messaging sweat, grow your audience and customer base, and save marketing dollars.
  • Refreshing your messaging – mapping out your messaging tiers for internal and external comms.
  • Style and tone – creating a style guide tear sheet that anyone in your business can use.
  • How to refresh your internal messaging so it’s used to highlight strengths and opportunities, and minimise and address threats and weaknesses.

3. Mapping your messaging

  • Taking your WHY and your tiers to create a communications matrix for your business to map the correct message to the correct audience, using the correct medium.
  • Competition and expanders – workshop messaging aligned with your brand which you ‘envy’ and plucking elements out of that to inspire your messaging, but at the same time making it individual. We need to set you apart from your competition, and use the best of your ‘expanders’ (people you or your business aspire to emulate using elements of culture or branding) and blend those elements with the first three modules. This will help you create a brief for any refreshed creative going forward.
  • Top level branding – what branding work is needed to polish these messages and develop creative that will set you apart?

4. Keeping obstacles insignificant to your destination

In this presentation, audiences will discover how Tom’s purpose has led to him hosting events for leading listed companies, such as a million-dollar lunch.

What do you think of a 15-course degustation at the North Pole? It’s been well documented that Tom has had the opportunity to create some of the most amazing experiences. What hasn’t been documented is the way he learnt to make all the obstacles in the way of his destination insignificant to get these opportunities. How would holding a mate on Mount Everest and watching him die change your perspective? How do you think you’d cope after preparing to play AFL for 15 years, and for it to all be over after two games because of something totally out of your control? This former AFL professional sports player, dual ironman athlete, five-time marathoner, mountaineer and terrain hiker has implemented some of the most awe-inspiring and unimaginable experiences by making obstacles insignificant to his destination.

Key messages include:

  • Importance of purpose, vision and meaning
  • You can get going, then get good
  • Trust is your most important factor
  • Self-auditing and identifying your inner-circles.

5. Performance optimisation strategies

Through this session, audiences discover the high-performance strategies of the most successful team in the modern era, which netted three premierships over five years.

Key messages include:

  • Clarity creates focus
  • Power of simplicity
  • Big rocks before 1% (ers)
  • Make everything as simple as possible.

Key drivers of performance optimisation strategies include:

  • Levels of perspective
  • Hedgehog Principle
  • Start with WHY
  • Big Rocks.

6. Managing situations

Throughout this session, audiences unpack the toolkit that has prepared Tom for scenarios, good and bad, all around the world. How do you prepare for witnessing a death on Mount Everest? How do you host an event on the North Pole, where people don’t speak your language? By being able to manage situations, Tom has been able to deliver amazing experiences all around the world.

Key messages include:

  • Prepare for the worst
  • Giving yourself permission to get uncomfortable
  • Slow down, create clarity
  • Flustered and you’ve lost them
  • Perspective.

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